Libya Explained

So, finally, the humanitarian mission to save the Libyan people is well and truly underway. Hooray! We say. Let’s bomb the country, topple the dictator and liberate the people.

Naturally, the country absolutely must have a privately owned Central Bank, which horror of horrors, it currently does not! Still, not to worry, the friendly rebels have already set about creating one. Oh and of course, the Libyan dinar which, unbelievably, is actually printed by the state, has to go! We must never allow this folly to take root.

Everyone knows that the national currency must be created by a private central bank and lent to the nation at interest! It’s the civilized thing to do! So what if the Libyan people will be forced to pay interest through the tax system for all eternity? It’s not so bad! The Europeans and the North Americans have to do it too and it has not hurt them… much… yet.

No this is not economic enslavement of a sovereign nation – it is civilization! At least their new currency will be stable and strong – their oil reserves will see to that – so they’ll never have to worry about servicing their new debt. It’s a win-win situation. They sell us oil and we get the interest!

Confessions of a Central Banker.

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One Response to Libya Explained

  1. astraldruid says:

    Let’s not forget that the “rebels” come from the area which has supplied a huge amount of al qaeda members in the recent past… Arm and train and create them in one country,, fight them in another,, all sounds very familiar,, making sure we always have a new war to look forward to !!


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